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Photography Expedition to remote East Greenland

September 14 - 21, 2024
East Greenland
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Experience a unique off-the-grid 8-day photography adventure in the East of Greenland. We will explore fjords with massive icebergs, go on a glacier adventure and visit a variety of unique locations like TInit, Ikateq and Kuummiut. All while bringing our photography skills to the next level.

With Tasiilaq as our base for this photography expedition we will have a week filled with interesting photographic opportunies and possibilities to capture and experience the raw Greenlandic nature. We will be making use of a fully equipped house with comfortable beds and a private cook and a skilled and licensed boat driver will guide us every day to the various locations.

There will be two special nights during our tour for an even more interesting experience. We will overnight in a small house in one of the settlements to get a feel for local life ánd if the circumstances allow for it we will spend one night in a tent in front of the glacier. Guaranteed a night to remember.

The week will offer a lot of variety in phycial activity. Some days we spend most of our time on a boat to reach faraway locations, but later in the week we will also head out for a hike or two (of course all optional) to discover the area on foot. After our days out we will be in the comfort of our house to eat, drink and have editing sessions with the group.

Day 1, September 14th

We will meet in Keflavik (Iceland) to get together for an introduction. We will discuss the plans for the week, talk about our expections and we will start our journey together by flying to Kulusuk. From there we will have a boat waiting for us to bring us towards the mainland to the city of Tasiilaq. After that we continue our boat journey to Tasiilaq and after arriving we have time to settle in our accommodation and to get ourselves familiar with the town. A hearty dinner together after a day of traveling will mark the end of day one. Of course when the weather is good we will make use of our time to go out and shoot northern lights whenever possible – for whoever is interested.

Accommodation: Guesthouse in Tasiilaq.
Food: Dinner will be prepared by a cook in our guesthouse.

A long journey by boat will facilitate us with plenty of perspectives on the floating icebergs, sometimes allowing us to come really close and focus specifically on iceberg photography. Also, we might run into whales for some spectacular sightings if we are lucky. We will visit and explore a beautiful ice cave on the island of Kulusuk. Tehn, the journey will further take us to the Knud Rasmussen glacier, up in the North-East. Then, as an optional acitivity we will spend the night here. In a tent! All the equipment will be provided and we will have a unique view on an impressive site far away from everyone else. Can you imagine a massive glacier right in front of you with all the photographic opportunities you could wish for?

Accommodation: Basic house in Kuummiut, dormitory style. Food: Dinner will be prepared by a cook in our guesthouse.

Optional: We spend the night in tents in front of the glacier. All camping equipment will be provided. Food packages will be provided to make our camping night as comfortable as possible.

We wake up in Kuummiut (or in front of the glacier and if the conditions allow for it we will visit an icecave inside the glacier – a true adventure!) and we will go in the direction of Sermilik Icefjord and we will explore the remote and deserted settlement Ikateq, an old military base from the Second World War. Visually an interesting place with many perspectives to explore, both from the ground and from the air. Afterwards we return to Kuummiut. Again, we will make use of good weather conditions to create spectacular photos with good light. If there is any interest we will head out again by boat to drive around the area looking for interesting iceberg shapes and possibly some wildlife. And, we will always be on the lookout for the northern lights.

Accommodation: Basic house in Kuummiut, dormitory style. Food: Dinner will be prepared by a cook in our guesthouse

colorful houses with mountains in the background in east greenland kumiuut

Given that we start the day from Kuummiut we are already close to some interesting locations. We will continue our journey to look for impressive views of the fjord system, especially interesting from the perspective of our drones. If we are lucky we might have some whale sightings on the way back to Tasiilaq. After our explorations it is time to slowly move back towards Tasiilaq and we will have the remainder of the day here to either relax, explore town or work on our editing through one of the group editing sessions.

Accommodation: Guesthouse in Tasiilaq.
Food: Dinner will be prepared by a cook in our guesthouse.

Today we are going to explore the surroundings of Tasiilaq and specifically the Flower Valley. There are some beautiful hiking opportunities surrounding town with gorgeous viewpoints overlooking the bay, the town and surrounding icebergs. We will hike through diverse landscapes on the lookout for interesting compositions.

Accommodation: Guesthouse in Tasiilaq.
Food: Dinner will be prepared by a cook in our guesthouse.

Our boat will be waiting for us early in the morning to cruise along the Ammassalik fjord all the way to Tinitiqilaaq, otherwise called Tinit. Along the way we have plenty of time to photograph the icebergs and once arrived in this authentic town we will explore the different parts with beautiful viewpoints and go towards our home for the night. A small and simple (rustic) house we without too many facilities, but it will give us a great impression of local life and an East Greenlandic lifestyle. Spending the night here allows for different sunset and sunrise opportunities with gorgeous views over the icebergs in the bay.

Accommodation: Small house in Tinit, dormitory. 
Food: Dinner will be prepared by a cook.

We start the day in Tinit and we will visit various landmarks on the way to Tasiilaq. The fjords always provide new photographic opportunities. Be it icebergs, mountain landscapes and possible wildlife. If we are lucky we might have some whale sightings on the way back to Tasiilaq. There is time to have a final photography session around Tasiilaq and we will have a last shared editing session from the comforts of our guesthouse, after which we will share a dinner with all of us.

Accommodation: Guesthouse in Tasiilaq.
Food: Dinner will be prepared by a cook in our guesthouse.

Today marks our journey back towards Iceland. We will have a transfer by boat from Tasiilaq to Kulusuk. If time and weather allow for it, we will explore some more icebergs, before we had to the airport. After arrival in Keflavik you will be on your journey homeward, or you can decide to stay longer to explore Reykjavik and surroundings.

Accommodation for the coming night is not included. Upon request a list of recommendations can be sent.


  • Boat with a skilled driver for the week
  • Local guides to the various locations
  • Airport transfer from Kulusuk to Tasiilaq
  • photography classes and personal feedback
  • editing lessons
  • 7 nights in a comfortable guesthouse with fully equipped kitchen (double rooms)
  • night at a house in the settlement (shared room, bunk beds)
  • towels and linen
  • 7 days breakfast
  • 7 nights dinner
  • 6 days lunch package
  • a selection of drinks and snacks during the day


  • Adventurous camping experience in front of the Knud Rasmussen glacier. Safety guides and all equipment included (€500)
  • Return flight tickets from Keflavik Airport (Iceland) to Kulusuk (Greenland) (€675)
  • Single room supplement, based on availability, for 4 nights (€300)

Not Included

  • Airport taxes and fees
  • Travel insurance
  • Lunch on flight days
  • Unexpected expenses as a result of weather conditions (including difficulties or cancellations due to ice or weather conditions) or flight or boat delays
  • Accommodation, transfers and food in Reykjavik at the start and/or end of the tour
  • alcoholic drinks
  • guide gratituities

Please note extra charges for room upgrades can accrue after the booking as the availability of accommodation is very limited.


  • Arrival in Iceland on September 13th to ensure you are on time for your flight from Keflavik Airport (Iceland) to Kulusuk (Greenland).
  • Stay an extra night in Reykjavik after the tour to explore the capital, relax and prepare for the journey home.

During this photography expedition you’ll have the chance to witness the most wonderful natural locations in the northern parts of our world. Landscape photography, aerial photography and capturing the lifestyle of life on Greenland. We’ll aim to get the best possible shot out of given conditions. You’ll receive group and 1:1 feedback during the trip with plenty of editing sessions to create your best work.

What factors do you have to take into consideration when you’re working in diverse and challenging conditions? The weather is forever changing and each type of scenery adds new challenges — how do we adapt to these situations? Also, we take an in-depth look into the technicalities of outdoor photography.

How will you make your photos more compelling as a visual storyboard? How do we successfully integrate Icelandic beauty as a background for our photo series?

Excellent composition and light are the secret sauce to taking the perfect photo. We’ll look at the light during various conditions and work on our compositions with different scenery. Everything is ever changing – especially in a country like Greenland – but how do we get the circumstances to work in our favor and make more unique photos because of it? 

If the weather allows for it, we will try our hands on Northern Light photography. How do we prepare for shots taken at night? We’ll dive deep in the technical settings as well as practical details it takes to operate in the cold and dark.

We’ll run multiple editing sessions to perfect our photos even more. We’ll learn Lightroom/Capture One and how to balance colors, lights, and contrast to take your images to the next level.

We’ll be working, laughing, creating, and cultivating community in a photographer’s playground. We’ll wake up early to explore nearby destinations and have hours upon hours of practice with our camera. We learn by experience — by doing. We’ll immerse ourselves into our environments and capture stunning results you won’t be able to replicate anywhere else.

€ 2500

6/7 available


€ 2500

6/7 available