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Being outdoors is what makes me feel best.

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About Chris

Memories shape us, from the beautiful moments to more difficult experiences. Everyone has a story to tell. It's important to cherish and carry these stories with us, since they make us who we are.

Chris decided to change course after studying psychology and follow his passion for photography. He has been working as a photographer since 2015 with a focus on adventure, the outdoors, and human connection through a variety of photography projects at home and abroad. He combines his coaching skills with photography with organising workshops and leading photo expeditions. Chris is also active as a travel and photojournalist for various media, including Columbus Magazine, Lonely Planet NL, and the NKBV.

Past Tours & Experiences

2022: Iceland Workshop 'South Coast & Highlands' | Swisstainable Travel Event Mobile Photography Workshop | De Hoorneboeg Photography & Survival adventure 'Voor dag en dauw' (3x)

2021: COVID ;-) 

2020: Travel Photography Workshops with We Are Travellers

2019: 'How to photograph genuine interaction' film collab with Nikon | Iceland Workshop with Moment (5x) | Travel Photography Workshops with We Are Travellers  

2018: Iceland Workshop 'Between Light and Dark' | Storymakers Photography Workshop with @PurposeLab | Travel Photography Workshop with We Are Travellers | Photography Tour Iceland for winners of Photo Competition with Nikon

2017: Iceland Workshop 'Run through the Night' I & II


Nikon | Moment | OnePlus | NKBV | Dremel | De IJsvogel | Purpose Lab | SNP | Jungfrau Region | Columbus Magazine | Lonely Planet NL
Ticino Tourism | Bellwald Tourismus | De Hoorneboeg | The Joy Factory | Sandberghe | Geardropper Europe | Switzerland Tourism | Verdo Werkt | Villatent | Tent Trading


Columbus Magazine #115

Columbus Magazine #109

Writing: Joost Smets

Lonely Planet Nederland

Writing: Sabrina Gaudio

Columbus Magazine #102

Writing: Joost Smets

Columbus Magazine #105