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Do you want to improve your photography? We will dive deeper into storytelling, preparation, the technical site and post-processing.

A two-day adventure throughout all seasons. Experience the variety of Dutch nature, join around the campfire, camp under the stars and improve your photography skills.

A photo tour to the buzzling city of New York. Experience the diversity and action while being in the center of Times Square, explore the narrow streets full of liveliness in Chinatown and be awed by the impressive skyline from the highest of buildings.

A journey to explore New York City in a unique way and where you improve your photography skills every day. Waking up early to photograph locations with the best light, the busy hours to practice street photography and finally ending the day with the setting sun at some of the most iconic places.

Every day we will discuss editing techniques to bring your images to the next level. We will travel in a small group which makes that we have enough time for individual feedback and to focus on what you want to learn.

Especially the diversity that is offered by a city like New York, makes that we can explore all types of photography. We will make portraits, capture street scenes, practice long exposures in an evening setting and look for perfect compositions during cityscape photography.

A photography tour to enjoy everything that New York City has to offer and to develop your photography skills. Explore a beautiful city together with a group of likeminded people and go home with unforgettable memories and beautiful images.

Join us on a photographic journey through the lesser-known parts of Iceland.

We will visit Landmannalaugar to see its evergreen moss beds. From the massive Haífoss waterfall to the lush valley called Thorsmörk and its glacier surrounding vistas of hills and rivers. Vik and Dyrholaey with their black beaches and stunning rock formations. Iceland’s diversity offers the perfect base for an extensive photography adventure.

Within the most beautiful parts of the world, we’ll discover new ways to create the perfect photo. From waking up early for sunrise golden light to sleeping under a blanket of stars to capture the infamous Aurora Borealis, we’ll uncover fresh perspectives to hone in on your craft. Learn better post-processing techniques, tighten your visual production, and exercise the art of savoring each moment behind your lens. 

By traveling in small groups, there will be enough time for individual attention to focus on the things you want to personally learn and experience. Though, besides all the wonderful skills you’ll acquire — the main goal of the journey will be to enjoy the breathtaking and unearthly natural wonders that South Iceland has to offer.